Teaching flair is our passion! We are the largest and best-prepared flair school in Poland. Our instructors have won over 80 competitions in 24 countries of the world! Our instructors are the current world champions! Impress your guests! Train in a properly prepared and spacious rooms. Our training is 90% practice. Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work!

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1. When do the courses take place and where can I check it?

The exact dates of the course starts can be found on the school’s website in the “Courses and Reservations” bookmark. After choosing a particular course, on the right side above the text, all available dates will appear.

2. What are the usual hours of the courses?

Depending on the course selected, the classes take place between 10.00 and 13.30 or 9.00 and 14.00.

3. Do I get a certificate after completing the course?

Every graduate receives a certificate provided that he successfully passes the practical exam. The certificate can be issued both in Polish and English.

4. How many times can I take the exam?

There are no limitations. If you fail the practical exam you can retake the exam completely free-of-charge, until you are successful!

5. I live outside of Warsaw. Is there any affordable accommodation near the school?

The closest to the school is “Hostel Puffa” (about 800 m from the building) – www.puffahostel.pl. Relatively close is “Hostel Tamka” - www.tamkahostel.pl and “Szkolne Schronisko Młodzieżowe” - www.hostelsmolna30.pl. Participants interested in accommodation have to book it on their own.

6. How big are the groups?

Each group consists of a maximum of 8 people.

7. When is the final date to confirm my participation in the course?

The final confirmation of participation in the course is making the prepayment, not later than 7 days before the scheduled start of the course.

8. What do I have to take with me for the course? Do I have to have my own bartending equipment?

It is advised to take a sport suit and comfortable shoes. Special equipment for practising will be provided.

9. Will I be able to use the premises of the school after I complete the course?

Each participant can use the school’s premises free-of-charge for a period of 1 month after the course is finished. It is free to enter from Monday to Friday between 10.00 and 18.00.

10. Is there a possibility to participate in test classes?

Everyone who wishes to find out how the classes look like in practise, can come and participate in one practise day. It is free-of-charge and is intended to ensure our potential participants that the quality of our classes is high. Those interested should arrange a specific day with the secretary beforehand.

11. How can I sign up for the course?

The best way to sign up is to use the registration form on our website. It appears at the bottom of the screen after choosing a course in the “Courses and Reservations” bookmark. Filling the registration form is not legally binding. You can resign at any time without any additional fees. The final confirmation of participation is the making the prepayment, not later than 7 days before the scheduled start of the course.

12. How can I make the prepayment for the course?

The payment can be made in cash in the secretary’s office or by bank transfer to our account. We encourage you to make the payment for the course through our webpage and platnosci.pl – an online payment system (currently payu.pl). This option appears after filling the registration form correctly, which can be found in the “Courses and Reservations” bookmark.

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